THE DOCTRINE OF THE HOLY GHOST:- Moving you to spiritual health


He has been working from the beginning of time

The Holy Ghost has always been in existence and his ministry throughout the Old and New Testament era is evident. He is God himself in action because God is not just ‘Spirit’ in his essence of divine being, but a ‘Holy Spirit’. In the Old Testament he is often referred to inter-changeably as, ‘The Spirit of God’ or the ‘Spirit of The Lord’ (Gen.1:2), “And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters”.

(Judges 3:10) “And the Spirit of The Lord came upon him, and he judged Israel, and went out to war”. The ‘Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost’ can be used inter-changeably in the doctrine of the Holy Ghost when dealing with his actions in the New Testament times which we are still living in today. (Acts 5:3) “Then Peter said, “Ananias, why hath Satan filled thine heart to lie to the Holy Ghost? Thou hast not lied unto men, but unto God”.


The Holy Ghost should never be referred to as an ‘It’.

He must never be considered as just a blessing, a feeling, an energy or an influence. The Holy Ghost is a person, he is God in Spirit form, the essence of his being in action or Jesus’ other self in expanded form, who is alive and real. In view of the properties of his personality such as intelligence, mind, will, emotions, reason, individuality and self-consciousness you can offend the Holy Ghost.

Don’t do it!!

His general operation is to originate, maintain, strengthen and guide all life organic, intellectual, spiritual and natural. He does this in different ways and in harmony with the object concerned in every area of life. He is the supreme life and every other living organism whether microscopic or mega-scopic originates from him.

The redemptive work of the Holy Ghost involves his regeneration of new life, sanctifying it, guiding it and bringing that new life into maturity of godliness and development until it’s purpose and destiny is realized. This renewal enables man to give spiritual obedience to God and to be the salt of the Earth, leading others to Christ as the light of the world.


He searches all things, even the deep things of God.

He convicts, heals, reveals and searches all things, yea, even the deep things of God and make manifest of his glory (1st Corinth. 2:10-16). He intercedes for the believers, he is a helper ‘Parakletosanother name for him in Greek terminology, it means to walk alongside. He teaches (1st Corinth. 2:13), the writers of the New Testament were moved by the Spirit to remember and understand the instructions Jesus gave for the building and organization of the Church.

He also enabled them to understand the doctrines regarding himself, the directives for holy living and the revelation of things to come. Some contents of his works are as follows:-

  • He comforts
    He brings renewal
  • He offers hope an assurance
  • He restores
  • He cleanses, sanctifies and justifies
  • He restrains evil
  • He brings all things to your memory (John 14:26).

He discerns, leads, guides and is an avenger of the righteous. He is the source of revelation (John 16:13-15) “But when He, the ‘Spirit of Truth’ comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on his own initiative, but whatever He hears He will speak; and he will disclose to you what is to come.

David said in Psalm 23:3, “He restoreth my soul”.


Given to him in respect of the functions or aspects of his ministry.

Some personal titles bestowed upon him are, ‘Wonderful’, ‘Counselor’, ‘Mighty God‘ (Isaiah. 11:2). Other descriptions of the various aspects of his ministry can be noted as follows :-

  • He is a deposit/foretaste of glory divine, the seal of the ‘Spirit of Promise’, the earnest of the Spirit :- (2 Corinth.1:22; 5:5) The Holy Spirit is God’s seal upon his people, his claim upon his believers as his very own. The gift of the Spirit is a down payment on the believer’s heavenly inheritance which Christ has promised them and secured for them on the cross. It is because the Spirit has sealed us why we are assured of our salvation. No one can break the seal of God.
  • The in dweller of believers :- The Holy Spirit resides in the heart of God’s people and that indwelling is the distinguishing characteristics of the regenerated person. From within the believers he guides, directs, comforts and influences them as well as producing in them the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23). He provides the intimate connection between God and his children.

    The Spirit of Life :- (Rom. 8:2) The phrase ‘Spirit of Life’ means the Holy Spirit is the one who gives or produces life. Not only does he initiate salvation but he also imparts newness of life. when we receive eternal life through Christ, the Spirit provides the spiritual food which is the sustenance of the spiritual life. Salvation is sustained by the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit therefore appears to be the agency through which God often worked. We understand that when we talk about ‘God’ we are referring to who he is. His essence of being, his nature, his characteristics as the creator of all life. when talking about the ‘Holy Spirit’ we are referring to this same God in active ministry. He is the only divine supreme being that embodies the complete essence of the nature of holiness.

Angelic creatures fly around his throne crying, “Holy! Holy! Holy! is the Lord, the whole Earth is full of his Glory”. It is by the moving or actions of his Spirit that he uses men to reveal his plan and his word (e.g. the prophets). The prophets were men inspired or motivated by the breath of the Spirit of God. They spoke his word fore telling and forth telling the course of action God is currently taking concerning the present and future condition of his people, while under his empowerment.



The prophets represent God to the people While the priests represent the people to God. When men spoke in the spirit, it simply means God super-imposed his trend of thought through them so that the words they spoke were clearly, ‘The word of the Lord’, they could not interject their own thoughts into it. In which case the word would not be pure, but contaminated.

CONCLUSION :- The empowering presence of the Holy Ghost.

By the grace of God, the empowering presence of the Holy Ghost comes in the believer’s life to endow that individual with power from on high. They are now able to fight the good fight of faith and to lay hold on eternal life. They now have the capacity to live a life that is led by the Spirit. In victory, power and success they can study the word of God and understand the doctrine of the Holy Ghost, which when they apply, they will experience the true power of having a healthy spiritual lifestyle.


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You are at liberty to reach out to me with any concerns or questions, maybe even additional insights you may have regarding this powerful subject of the Holy Ghost. In which case please submit your thoughts below and have a blessed day!

Grace and Peace!






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4 thoughts on “THE DOCTRINE OF THE HOLY GHOST:- Moving you to spiritual health”

  1. Shalom dearest companion of service.
    I really appreciate God for your commitment to share in the light of the Gospel within this community.
    It’s true that we’re not so much delighted here but as the Lord commanded us, we shouldn’t be ashame of Him here on earth if we don’t want Him to also be ashame of us before His Father in Heaven.
    That’s why I didn’t hide to mention who I am in my profile.
    Only that I’m not yet ready to share any teaching here yet but I’m sure I will do it soonest. I just want the Lord to inspire me for what I should share because I strongly feel that on this plateform, all kinds of people are found here. So, I’ll need to hear well from God before I share anything to touch the thousands of people who are 100% here to get wealthy and nothing else!
    Not knowing that we first need to secure our heavenly citenzenship (Matthew 6:33)
    Sure, money is good and needful but first things first if one needs to be really assisted by the Lord who upholds nothing to them that fear Him(Psalm 34:9)
    May the Lord bless you and give you ag great success here WA.
    Cordially yours!

    Pastor Boaz Ethan
    Salt of the Earth Missionary Church(SEMC) Benin Republic)

    1. God bless you Pastor Boaz!
      I really appreciate a brother in Christ stopping by my post. I guess we all have our work cut out for us in terms of reaching those in our circle with the love of Christ. As believers we must be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit of The Lord to use us for his glory in his unique way, and we must use wisdom about it. It’s just like the word of wisdom and the word of knowledge that works together as siamese twins (gifts of the spirit). One is divine knowledge about a thing and the other is divine wisdom to know when, how and where that knowledge is to be released.
      Grace, Peace and blessings evermore!
      Thanks for your input!

  2. Hi David…Good post on the Holy Spirit! His presence is extremely valuable to me. As Christians, our job is to cooperate with His leading and guidance, b/c it is vital to us fulfilling God’s purpose in our lives and maximizing our potential. 🙂

    1. Yes indeed Colleen!
      We must maximize our potential and utilize all our capacity as we are being led by the Spirit, to fulfill our divine purpose and calling.
      Many people are waiting for us to reach them with the love and help needed for their fulfillment as well.
      Thanks for Stopping by!
      Be blessed!

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