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I am going to make this a big product review page by looking at different supplements from Dr. Sears’s Primal Force and their purposes, benefits and what they can contribute to the betterment of your health. First let’s look at anti-aging, the product for this is:-

Curcumin Triple Burn:-

At Last! A Curcumin Formula that Delivers the Goods

Curcumin is now recognized as the world’s most powerful healer.

The scientific research shows it has no less than 619 proven health benefits. And there’s virtually nothing it can’t do for your body… and no health concern it can’t address.

It’s simply amazing that so much power can be packed in one tiny affordable capsule.

In ancient villages where curcumin is widely consumed daily they experience few of the health concerns we have here in the West. Certainly none of the mental decline that’s now ravaging the elderly.

It is the biggest curcumin breakthrough in 4,000 years of use.

Curcumin Triple Burn. And unlike many turmeric supplements, Curcumin Triple Burn contains a medicinal dose of curcuminoids and proven delivery technology that boosts its power by 2,000%.

It also includes the right mix and dose of two ancient spices that belong to the curcumin family. Spices that are proven to magnify curcumin’s potential.

Dr. Sears has added a “smart herb” that harnesses the other ingredients. It’s also known as an “adaptogen” because it adapts to precisely what your body needs.

Add it all up… and Curcumin Triple Burn is the ONLY formula of its kind to provide you with the complete healing potential of curcumin in a single pill you take daily.

Thanks to its unique combination of ingredients, Curcumin Triple Burn can:

  • Support smooth skin, sharp vision, and healthy, flexible joints;
  • Generate extra energy by promoting a powerful heart and lungs;
  • Enhance confidence by boosting brainpower;
  • Support blood-pressure and blood-vessel health;
  • Encourage healthy levels of blood sugar and triglycerides;
  • Protect, support and even lengthen your telomeres.
  • And much, much more


Next we will look at another product that is also a part of the list for anti-aging:-


List of Ingredients:-

Why do so many people take Accel instead of CoQ10 from the supermarket?

You can probably find CoQ10 for a cheaper price, and you might think it’s the same as Dr. Sears’s Accel formula. But it doesn’t even come close.

Regular CoQ10 supplements have something called ubiquinone. But the only kind of CoQ10 he uses in Accel is the “active,” supercharged kind, called ubiquinol.

8 times more powerful

The ubiquinol in Accel is 8 times more powerful than traditional CoQ10, according to scientific absorption studies.

That’s particularly important if you’re older, or if you have other health concerns. Those things can interfere with your absorption of regular CoQ10.

The reason 20,000 people take Accel every day – and love it – has to do with more than just ubiquinol…

  • Better absorption = better results. Ubiquinol is fat-soluble, which means you can’t absorb and use it without fat. Accel has a special – and rare – type of fat called medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) to maximize your absorption.
  • More power where it counts. Your heart needs the ubiquinol in Accel to pump at full strength. And your brain needs it to stay in “rapid-fire” mode, but that’s not all.
  • Supercharged antioxidant protection. Accel has a hidden superpower: It can recycle and boost the activity of other antioxidants, like vitamins C and E. That way you get even more free radical protection for your cells and vital or

It saves you money in the long run.

Today, you can get the same results with one dose of Accel. You get all the benefits while spending less money every month.

Try Accel with no risk or regrets

See for yourself the difference that pure, potent, natural CoQ10 can make.

(You can view other products in the anti-aging category and their prices here)

Next we are going to look at diet and fitness supplements beginning with:-

PACE Express Cleanse


List of Ingredients:-

Jump Start Your Weight Loss: Gently Cleanse and Remove Up To 10 Pounds Of Waste Hiding In Your Colon

Today’s processed foods are packed with artificial ingredients and other toxins your body was never made to handle. Very often they go undigested, and that’s why there could be POUNDS of unwanted waste packed into your colon RIGHT NOW.

Here’s the UGLY truth: The average person carries 7 to 10 pounds of unwanted waste in their gut. (Even with a regular bowel movement every day!)

It helps them drop pounds of excess weight almost overnight, while increasing stamina, performance, and muscle building.

But you don’t have to start PACE Express fitness program, or ANY rigorous exercise program. Express Cleanse formula works so well, you can see immediate results… even if you’re not working out.

Drop Up to 10 Pounds of Excess Weight… Just Like That!

PACE Express Cleanse formula has a unique combination of powerful herbs that gently cleanse and clean the folds and contours of your colon. They sweep out the waste and loosen and dislodge the build up that creates blockages.

When your colon is clear, your digestive system works cleanly and efficiently. And by getting rid of that buildup, you immediately jump start your weight loss.

One special ingredient he added to activate your weight loss and help build lean muscle mass is triphala, meaning “3 Fruits.”

Triphala is an ancient Indian mixture of herbs considered to be a “miracle worker” in Ayurvedic medicine. It helps make you regular, and clears away impacted build up. It also helps drain excessive water in the tissues that can weigh you down, sap your strength, and drain your energy.

PACE Express Cleanse is:

  • Gentle and contains no harsh stimulant laxatives to irritate the lining of your colon. It’s a natural, botanical blend that works while you sleep.
  • Safe with none of the side effects you get from over-the-counter brands. It won’t deplete you of essential vitamins or nutrients, and won’t cause addiction.
  • Effective. This colon cleanse removes toxic residue that is left behind on the walls of your intestines, soothes irritation, and restores regularity back into your day without a hitch.
  • Convenient and easy to use. Just a few capsules and a glass of water before bedtime. There’s no interruption to your daily lifestyle. You get up in the morning and it’s business as usual.
  • Made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients and no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, wheat, gluten, soy, corns sugar, salt or dairy.

Dr. Sears’s PACE Express Cleanse is the only colon cleansing formula with his unique blend of powerful, natural herbs and triphala. Try this new, advanced cleansing formula TODAY and quickly DROP up to 10 pounds of extra weight… almost immediately.

Next from the same line of category I will introduce:-

Ultra Bali Slim







List of Ingredients:-

The Ancient Fat-Burning Secret of Bali

By stimulating the hypothalamus portion of your brain, ylang-ylang can control your libido and your sense of smell – as well as your sense of hunger and satisfaction.

Traditional Balinese healers have used ylang-ylang for centuries as an aphrodisiac, anti-depressant and for stress.

It’s that sense of well-being, that’s the key to shedding pounds – because if you are satisfied when you start eating, you end up eating less. Not necessary to have the big whopper!

Dr. Sears used these “secret” native ingredients to create his original Bali Slim fat-loss formula…

Now, with his discovery of ylang-ylang, he found a way to “supercharge” Bali Slim.

Not only that, he increased the amount of Evodiamine, the extract of the Evodia fruit (Evodia rutaecarpa), in his new formula. Traditional Asian healers in Asia have used the Evodia fruit’s power to suppress your appetite for thousands of years.

The new Ultra Bali Slim is the most effective weight-loss formula ever created. Ultra Bali Slim takes the power of ylang-ylang and Evodiamine, and combines it with other potent nutrients like:

  • Sacred lotus – a flower that appears to slow the natural process of making new fat cells… and signals for the breakdown of existing fat at the same time.
  • Curcumin – an active component in the treasured spice turmeric, it’s also thermogenic. It may help increase metabolic rate. Think of it like turning up the heat in your cells – the temperature goes up and the fat is converted into energy.
  • Chromium – improves body composition by promoting balanced blood sugar levels, which may help control your appetite
  • Caralluma fimbriata – its nickname is “famine food.” Not only does it suppress your appetite – giving you the feeling of being satisfied and full – but it also increases endurance and quenches thirst. Instead of struggling to adhere to a strict diet, this cactus makes it easier for you to feel satisfied when you eat smaller meals.

When you combine all of these ingredients together… you have a potent, fast-acting formula to help you become a slimmer, sexy, more confident you.

Ultra Primal Lean


List of Ingredients:-

Finally… You Can Eat Again!
New “Italian Paradox” Holds The Secret To Eating Well And Staying Slim

Do you ever wonder how Italians eat their high starch favorites like pasta, pizza, and pastry… and still have the lowest rates of weight gain and obesity in the world?

It’s the “Italian Paradox”!

The secret is they start most meals with the soup “pasta fagioli” which is loaded with white beans. The extract from this white bean stops fattening carbs from breaking down into the sugar your body stores as fat.

Of course the best supplements for weight loss always work best when a healthy diet is consumed along with regular exercise.

White bean extract is just one secret in Dr. Sears’s breakthrough time release, 5-in-1 fat burning solution, Ultra Primal Lean.

Ultra Primal Lean works 5 ways to help you get thin and stay thin:

  • Helps Re-ignite and support your metabolism so you burn up calories.*
  • Resets your body’s communication networks, so fats are dealt with more efficiently.*
  • Calms your appetite so you don’t feel as hungry during the day.*
  • Reduces your cravings so you cheat less between meals.*

Timing is everything. Ultra Primal Lean is a time release fat metabolizing marvel.* The unique, two layer design delivers each ingredient at just the right timing to be most effective.

1). The first layer releases immediately:-

  • White bean extract supports the most efficient way of dealing with carbohydrates before they are metabolized into fatty acids.*

2). The second layer then goes to work with four more potent weight loss ingredients:-

  • Fucoxanthin, the ultimate in expediting fatty acid metabolism.*
  • Irvingia gabonesis, a newly discovered West African herb, helps fatty acid metabolism and healthy insulin levels and sensitivity.*
  • Garcinia Cambogia, a powerful appetite suppressor, helps you control cravings and feel fuller faster so you eat less and cheat less.*
  • Chromium helps cut cravings, curb binge eating and improves your mood.*

Ultra Primal Lean is an all-natural supplement that supports the ultimate in fatty acid metabolism.* You can finally eat again and still enjoy the lean, healthy body that makes you look great. It is safe and effective.

So eat well and stay thin like the Italians do with Ultra Primal Lean.

You have nothing to lose… but the fat!

(See more products in this trend of diet and fitness with their prices here)

That’s it for my product review for now. Look out for more updates as time unfolds.

In the meanwhile be sure to engage with your comments and questions below and I will be sure to respond promptly.

Have a great day and please share!

Thanks! David.




4 thoughts on “NATURAL HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS:- Helping with your health needs.”

  1. These look like wonderful products. I am all about natural products. I found the article very interesting. I was surprised to learn the reason Italian people are able to eat high carb foods and have the lowest weight gain and obesity rate due to white beans. I always wondered about that. I am so glad I came to your website. I learned something new today. Thank you for sharing. It was a great read.

    1. Thank you for visiting Hong!
      Great to hear from you. I am happy that you learned something from this post. That’s the dream and purpose of this site and post. To help people and recommend products that can contribute to their endeavors in having a natural healthy lifestyle. Remember to remain healthy yourself and all the best in your future success.
      Much appreciation to you!

  2. I already love Curcumin tea and some of these supplements would be just perfect for what I’m trying to achieve, which is to be healthy, lose weight (I’m overweight by about 60 lbs) and I want to use more natural products. I have also heard great things about Garcinia Cambogia, which is one of the ingredients in the weight loss supplement. Have you ever tried it? Does it work?

    1. Hi Reyhana!
      I congratulate you on what you have achieved in your health endeavors so far. Yes these supplements really help to enhance your already in placed action plan for better healthy lifestyle. Garcinia Cambogia is indeed an effective ingredient blended into the weight loss supplement and, the entire product is great for not only weight loss but also helps to maintain your desired level of weight. Of course, you have to be consistent with your program.
      Thanks for your input and all the best in your health going forward.

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