This is where we introduce ourselves ( daww..! to me..lol..!). Isn’t that what “About Us” page means? My name is David Hanson, a minister in a christian church and part-time educator.

The lady beside me is my wife Betty Hanson. Our site is designed to blog/vlog on spiritual principles and teachings from the word of God, also to promote natural healthy living.


Seeing Further :-             
One of the key characteristics of being a visionary is having the ability to see further than where you currently are. Although humanity was created by God as the premier species of earth, yet he compares us to the eagle (king of the birds).
Isaiah 40:31 ” But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles”.
An eagle flies higher, lives on a higher plain and sees further than other birds. Our mentor Apostle Smith says, ” The higher you go is the further you see and the clearer you can hear”, that is why the eagle will spread his wing span and wait upon the strong wind.
His intention is not to flap his wings working too hard to fly but to use the wind to soar. As children of God we must not only have sight, but vision as well because sight is the function of the eyes and vision is the function of the heart. The ability to hear clearer and see further.


The Bible says in 3rd John vs 2, “Beloved, I wish above all that thou mayest prosper and be in health, (spiritually) even as thy soul (naturally) prospereth”. Speaking of the necessity for balance, living in wellness of your whole being, spirit-soul and body.

As we grow into maturity of Godliness and Christian character, the need for our natural lives to come parallel rises also. Balance is therefore evidently necessary because we can not be so spiritually inclined that we are no earthly good. Neither should we be naturally satiated and spiritually mal-nourished.

There has to be balance in both our spiritual and natural existence because of the mechanism of our creation. Since man is made up of both material and immaterial substances, the essence of our being needs to move from just existing to start living.

Living then, speaks of us finding out what the true purpose of our existence is. It is a fact that everyone of us was birth out of eternity into time with an assignment from God to fulfill, but too many of us die prematurely without fulfilling our divine purpose and maximizing our true potential.

On the natural side of us, we need to eat properly and treat our bodies with the respect and care that is necessary for natural healthy living. As carriers of God’s glory by his Spirit in us, we become the temple of the Holy Ghost and the longer we live is the more usage God gets out of us.

Eating too much high cholesterol foods and sugary drinks while in your later years is doing more harm to your body than good. In fact, it should not be done at any age because it leads to all kinds of organ problems and obesity.

Even though the younger you are, the easier you get away with it. You are still in danger of having to face the consequences of poor eating habits. See more on this subject here:-<https://spiritualandnaturallifestyle.com/natural-health-and-fitness>

We look towards service of excellence in our community and abroad.

Sit back, relax and let us enjoy the ride together. Also, just in case you have any questions or comments that we can help with. Be sure to send us your thoughts below.

Don’t be a stranger now.!! Cheers!!


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David Hanson

My name is David Hanson. I'm an ordained minister at First Triumphant Church Of Jesus Christ. Married to Evangelist Betty Hanson who is also an Educator. We are in the process of building our online business to edify, equip and empower those in our community and abroad in the area of spiritual and natural wholesomeness.

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