HEALTHY EATING AND LIVING :- For a stronger, more durable you.


Being at an age of seniority.

Getting older in life we have to exercise more caution in our dietary capacity. At that stage of our existence what we put into our bodies and how we treat our bodies has much to say about how longer and stronger we live. One of the healthiest food preferences we should have at this point is salad.

In addition to greens, other healthy choices may include fresh vegetables, fruits and kidney beans. We also should eat fewer meats, hard-boiled eggs, avocados and cheese, as we get older because these tend to stay in our system longer. They are contributors to the slowing down of our metabolism, thus making unwanted fat.


But that’s not what they want.

They want you to be healthy so you can stay alive. In fact, you could be at risk of having a heart attack if you have high cholesterol. You have to improve your diet and you have to exercise. It will help you live a longer healthier life, and give you a newer perspective on life.

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Some Benefits of Recovery Metabolic Rescue:-

  • Healthier blood sugar
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Well, do you know anyone who wish their grandparents were still around to do the things they enjoyed doing together? Like going to the mall, having family cook outs, maybe going on a road trip and having fun together. I would love to have my grandparents still around.

My grandpa used to love sitting on the porch with his legs crossed and resting on the ledge. You could always tell when he is about to give you one of his stories of back in his younger days. Pretty much like this :-


I would say, yes it does!

Making a few changes in your dietary lifestyle can help you to live longer. It works along with exercise, even if it’s just walking around the block. Make sure you eat lots of fruits, vegetables and salads with your supplements as this will definitely add a few more years to your life.

Therefore, it is very much possible to eat certain foods that will boost your longevity. There are some foods that have the ability to boost your immune system as well and fight against diseases. For example:-

  1. Blue Berries that are rich in antioxidants.
  2. Fruits and veggies that are rich in vitamin C and E such as oranges, bananas, Kiwi, apples, Kale, Spinach and Carrots.
  3. Even the good old-fashioned chicken soup with some vegetable pieces and greens.

Hummm!..I could smell the aroma right now, don’t you smell it?

Your lifestyle and eating habits does affect how well your immune system can stand against attacks from germs, viruses and antibodies that causes chronic illnesses shortening your life span.

HOW DOES HEALTHY EATING HABITS AFFECT YOUR BODY? :- The results depends on the individual.

If you are changing your eating habits to lose weight, then that alone might not work because lack of exercise may still slow down your metabolism. For faster results, you are going to need exercise. Literally everything we eat affects our bodies in one way or another, but you have to be a person that is motivated to exercise.

Food is digested by the chemical compositions of our bodies and are converted into glucose. Glucose is a type of sugar that the body needs to supply our organ functions from a cellular level, with enough energy necessary to accommodate our physical activities.

See my recommendations for the Jillian Michaels health and fitness system from my other post here.

Even our brains need energy to function in peek alertness. Over the years growing up my Mother among other people, always say that eating fish supplies good cognitive skills and memory to the human brain. That is why I grow up loving fish, especially Lobster. Do you think That is true?

When I am eating fish sometimes I remember what my Mother used to say, so I usually go for the fish brain in the head. Whether it is fried or steamed (lol), even though I don’t think the actual fish brain does anything for my brain.

Anyway, the fact still remains that when our bodies run low on Glucose, we have attention depreciation and a hard time staying focused. I recently did my finals in Bible College and on that same evening I had fish for dinner, my results was 93%. Now, do you think it was the Holy Ghost alone who brought back what I studied to memory? Or was it also the fish dinner?

You can tell me what you think in the comments at the end of the post, or maybe some other time. However, the results that a person with good eating habits are looking for, varies with the individuals willingness to add exercise to their schedule. Simply because eating properly and not being active enough can still increase the pounds.


There are some foods that not only make you live longer, but also make you stronger. I am going to talk about just three of them for now until my next post. Maybe I even revisit this post and put up additional ones.


  1. SALMON:-

Salmon is very rich in essential omega3 fatty acids and is a great source of protein as well. It is usually among the menu choices at weddings served with pasta and leafy greens. People who consume higher levels of omega3, even through supplements, display greater levels of muscle strength.



Spinach is rich in micronutrients and folate, it is a great source of iron. This leafy green will provide a perfect balance to compliment your Salmon or any type of fish for that matter.


3. Lentils:-

Lentils are among the bean family of plant type foods and although they seem meanial, they are packing powerful nutrients. They have important minerals that contribute at the cellular level, to the proper function of oxygen supply to the lungs. They are also great for your heart rate as well.


If we are to excel in the maximum capacity of our life’s purpose and destiny with the fulfillment that was meant to be, not only for ourselves but for our family. Then we not only have to change our diet but we have to practice better healthy living. This can be done by not only exercise but setting up a strategic structure that would address the things we need to stay away from that are not conducive to good healthy living.


Well, that’s about it for now my beautiful people. Until the next post then, remember to be blessed and stay healthy. Your family needs you around for as long as is humanly possible.

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Have a healthy and happy future!








HAVE A HEALTHY SPIRITUAL LIFE :- Being led by the Spirit of God.



Being at the place you were designed for.

(Genesis 3:8-9)

And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden. And the Lord God called unto Adam, and said unto him, “Where art thou?.”

The word of God tells us that the Lord called unto Adam and said, “Where art thou? ” and usually when God asks a question, it is not that he doesn’t know the answer already. God has perfect foreknowledge, but it’s for the individual to consider their circumstances and question themselves as to the reason why they are not at the place in God, they were designed to be.

He asked Elijah, “What are you doing under this Juniper Tree?” It’s not that God didn’t know what he was doing there. He wanted Elijah to know that he was not at the place he was supposed to be. Why would he be running from Jezebel? Fearing for his life, when God called him to serve a purpose.

God called him to do a job and will not leave him alone until the purpose has been fulfilled and a successor has been left in his stead.

(Back to Adam) :- The question was asked of him by God, for him to realize the reason of his dislocation from his spiritual connection with God. Disobedience, guilt and fear caused him to hide, but God doesn’t want us to hide from him if we fail. It is no surprise to him when we fail, but he wants us to run to him, so he can restore us.


We get to see the Glory of God.

The man or woman of God being led by the Spirit must be in unity with the Spirit. Putting aside every weight and the sin that so easily beset us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. It is never easy to put our flesh under subjection to the leading of the Spirit. Yet it is quite necessary for the Glory of God to be revealed.

Jesus had to put his flesh and his will under subjection that the glory and the will of the father might take preeminence. This is an example of the kind of attitude we must have as believers, to be at the place we were designed to be. There is a place in God that he has desired and ordained for us to be, and when we are not there he is asking us, “Where are we?”

In (Exodus 33:18) Moses asked God to show him his glory. God’s response was, “There’ is a place by me, where I will hide you in a cleft of the rock and cover you ‘There‘ with my hands while my glory pass by. That you may not be consumed, for no man shall see my face and live.”

What was God saying here? he was simply saying that for his glory to be revealed, flesh has to be out of the way. A spiritual life being led by the Spirit of God is a healthy one, because it glorifies God and puts us at the place by him. Unfortunately not many of us are at the place, so God is still asking, “Where art thou?”

Where are the people that are supposed to be in church and a part of the body of Christ? Are you somewhere in the city clubbing when you should be churching? Are you hooked up on drugs, lost in a world of darkness, when you are supposed to be the light of the world and the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus?


Why don’t you have a healthy spiritual life?

Know your place in God, and if you are not at the place, get to the place by him, the place called ‘There‘. Press towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. That you may know what is the hope of his calling, which is his will for your life.

Know what is your true purpose and destiny, walk in it and maximize it, because when you get ‘There’ it is a place of spiritual maturity. A place where you manifest a healthy spiritual life because God will be ‘There’ to show you his glory, as it is a place by him. He will release you to the world to be a witness for him, that they will know that you had been in the presence of God. They will see Christ in you.

Moses had to cover his face with a veil when he came down the mountain from the presence of God, not that he was hiding, but the after-glow from the glory of God was resonating on his face.

Those in the house-hold of faith :-

Then there those in the house of God, the house hold of faith who are not where they are supposed to be in terms of operation. Instead of operating in the office God chose them to operate in so they can be most effective, they find themselves out of order and all over the place.

Sometimes they are in somebody else’s office where unto they were not called and it becomes of none effect to the body of Christ. As men and women of God we have to walk in sync with the Spirit of God that we can know when he shifts, because just as the Glory cloud stays and moves progressively over the camp of Israel in the wilderness.

God stays and moves at his own will and we have to be at the place in God where we can see further and hear clearer, as watch men/women on the wall. This will give us the ability to know when he has shifted so we can shift with the glory and therefore we won’t be out of place.


See my edifying exhortation video below:-

Are you in Christ, where you are supposed to be? Even if you are, are you at the progressive level or position where God wants you to be? These are questions for us to ask ourselves. Disobedience and our failures in life due to the weakness of flesh, may cause short comings and make us want to hide. However, we do have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.

He is such a high priest after the order of Melchizedek, who can be touched with the feelings of our infirmities. He can identify with the struggles of our bodies, soul and especially our spirit, because his relationship with us is first spiritual. He is willing and ready to help us get to the place called ‘There’, a healthy spiritual life that is being led by his Spirit.


God will be strong for me.

(2nd Corinth. 12:9) ” And he said unto me, “My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.” Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”

In this road of life, nothing is easy. The believer and the unbeliever faces hardship alike. However, because of their special relationship with God, every believer has been impacted supernaturally with the ability to overcome their struggles. It is called the ‘Spirit of Might‘, the ability to perform.

The Bible said, “And we know that all things work together for good, to them that love God and are the called according to his purpose.” It is God who is working in us to will and to do of his good pleasure in leading us by his Spirit. He is in so much control that we can say, whatever comes our way, we know to give him thanks.

Therefore, beloved, whether in good times or bad, happiness or sad, everyone of us came out of eternity into time with an assignment from God to fulfill. So it is up to us, to decide if we are going through life ignorant of God’s plan for us, or are we opening our hearts and ears to hear the sound of his call to the glory move.

His will and promises for us are written in his word. What God said we can have is already given to us, but how many of us are claiming our God given inheritance. Some of which are as follows:-


He gives us peace in the midst of the storm. God said, ” My peace I give unto you, not like the world gives, but my peace surpasses all understanding.”

JOY :-

Joy unspeakable and full of glory.




Supernaturally, for when you are weak, God will be strong for you.


Life in abundance includes life which now is and more so, of that which is to come. For we are blessed with the hope of a better resurrection in Christ Jesus to receive a new body, glorified in the Heavens on which the second death has no power, no victory, no stamina and no sting.


He promises as he leads.

See more from my post here:- The Doctrine of the Holy Ghost

All the things listed above and much more God promises for us and are characteristics of a healthy spiritual life being led by his spirit. They have been given to us already through Christ Jesus. Claim it, live it and walk in it, be victorious and not afraid, because when you hit a bump on the road and stumble due to weakness.

God is asking, “Where are you? Get up! Dust yourself off and move on again, for his grace is sufficient for you and for me. When I am weak, God will be strong for me. I will look to the hills from whence cometh my help, for God shall supply all my needs according to his riches in Glory, even by Christ Jesus.

Please be encouraged, and when life throws you a curve ball, keep your attitude towards God positive and learn from it. There is always a lesson to be learned from our experiences.

Be blessed and highly favored of the Lord!

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Be Blessed and Highly Favored!