LIVING A NATURAL HEALTHY LIFESTYLE:- We are care-takers of ourselves and nature.


See yourself flourish as a flower with the dew on it.

Most of us have had a fantasy image of ourselves looking awesome and attractive. How many of us however, are being motivated enough to act on producing that image?

We can become who we truly desire to be, if we research and implement the techniques and strategies necessary to acquire it. Certain standards of life can be achieved in the simplest ways, without necessarily being rich.

There are lots of people that are rich but are not living a natural healthy lifestyle, enough to completely enjoy their riches.

It is not enough to be able to afford the steak, you need to be healthy enough to digest it as well. Some wealthy people as a result of poor health, pass away and lost their ability to maximize the fullness of their inheritance or riches.


Governing yourself accordingly.

Most of us actually don’t drink enough water every day. Some of us, had it not been for the fact that we live in the tropical climatic regions where it can sometimes get extremely hot, we scarcely would drink any water at all.

We need to get enough sleep. With the hustle and bustle of busy city life and work day schedule, sleep deprivation is on the rise.

The average hours of sleep that we need to feel rejuvenated the next day is at least eight hours. Five or six is running it on boarder line.

Exercise helps to regulate the proper functions of your organs and physique. This is also very important for healthy heart rate and blood circulation.

Set a systematic time frame that will include some physical exercise.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid food with too many carbohydrates and drinks that contain too much sugar. Other healthy eating habits includes a low-fat dietary meal. Along with exercise, this will keep you in tip-top shape.

For decades, doctors and researchers have been trying but were not able to explain why is it that victims of heart attack were still prevalent in those who don’t smoke, have low blood cholesterol and have no other recognizable risk factors.

New research now shows that a long-overlooked contributor to cardiovascular disease was hiding in the cracks.

The culprit was the significantly low levels of the Vitamin B fol-ate (Folic Acid) in the blood. Vitamin B then, must clearly be an important part of your daily diet.

The natural food sources of fol-ate are leafy greens and legumes. Fol-ate that also contains multivitamins found in some supplements is a worth-while asset to a healthy diet as well.


Don’t be too busy to exercise.

I know that with the hectic routines of a busy day to day schedule, a lot of us have no time for exercise. However, this is very important for us, if we are to shape and bring the reality of the fantasy figure of ourselves into existence.

Instead of saying, “I can’t find the time!” You have to make the time. It is not complicated, exercise in its simplest terms is just moving your body.

All you have to do is make a resolution and a commitment of time to your busy schedule and move your body more on a higher capacity.

You can do so by running around the block, walking/jogging in the park and going to the gym if you so desire.

You don’t even have to exercise for hours until you are sweating as if you were taking a bath in your clothes. Just moderately enough to contribute to lowering the risks of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and other ailments is quite fine.

When after a while you look in the mirror and see the way you look, having shed a few pounds, the motivation to take things to another level will come along.

In the game of fitness the motto is usually, “No pain! no gain!” some times you have to press through the obstacles of being busy and press towards the mark for the prize of the high calling.

The calling of eating better and staying fit. Don’t be caught in the net of the dilemma known as ‘Not enough time’.

There is absolutely no individual that are living a successfully healthy lifestyle where exercise in any way, shape or form is absent.


Caught between a rock and a hard place.

No dire warnings about excess calories or sightings of America’s Next Top Model along with your own desire for the ideal beach body, can compete with the allure of a perfectly attractive dessert.

There was a TV series recently showing called ‘Siren’ about a mermaid. When she sings, the song is so alluring, that it pulls you in and doesn’t get out of your head. As beautiful as it may sound, the impact of it is to lead you to your destruction because it is one of their attack mechanism.

Desserts if you are not careful can have the same impact on a person trying to stay healthy.

Why? you may ask.

Well, it is a fact that our physiological component as humans, possesses a desire for sweet tastes. That is why most meals are not complete without a little dessert at the end, especially in the American tradition.

Desserts in America are positioned on the battle ground of our desire for them and our conscience that we are trying to stay in shape. Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place.

So what’s the solution?

Fortunately for us, we don’t have to deny ourselves totally from our passion for rich puddings or some Turkey Hill ice cream with a slice of pumpkin pie, if we consume moderately.

This is one method we can use to manage the struggle of maintaining a healthy weight and at the same time, rewarding ourselves with the pleasures of our deeply rooted cravings.

The next method we can use is to make our own desserts. With some creativity in the kitchen there can be some middle ground.

Creating your own desserts allows you to control what you put in them. For example, you can put some fruits, a touch of grains and nuts (if not allergic).


Taking the Affiliate Market by storm.

There are numerous sub-topics that can be used surrounding the wellness niche. Although Affiliate Marketing in the niche of wellness seems to be crowded right now, the positive side of this is that there is a growing trend.

A tremendous need and desire for the perfect beach body is shooting for the stars.

In today’s society as the desire to have that great beach body grows, so is the lifestyle that comes with it. Depicting the epitome of a trendy, typically healthy person of well-being.

What are some things that can contribute to wellness?

  • Enhanced athletic performance
    The principles of healthy eating, see my link to Amazon beauty and personal care for supplements (HERE)
  • A stress free environment
  • Occasional nature trips with family (interesting)
  • Taking your vitamins A-Z

Notice that I put interesting in bracket next to occasional nature trips with family. That is because wellness is not just physical, but also a mental and spiritual issue.

Your state of mind has to be inspired not only by the awesome and notable creation of God through nature but also your ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with family, friends and associates.


Interestingly enough, an occasional nature trip in the forestry does bring an inspiring sense of thrill and awe! It motivates you to play your part in the preservation of nature.

You also get the desire and drive to want to be around longer to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

The joy and thrill of traveling the world to see all the natural resources of nature that exist and the luxury of it seems to motivate you to be well enough to live long and enjoy more.


Connecting to people in our circle.

The ability to inter-act well with others and not be anti-social involves having good communication skills, meaningful relationships, respect for others and support of their endeavors.

We must be contributors to the common good and well-being of our community, not tearing it down with our selfishness.

Proper usage of social media must contribute to the benefit of everyone involved, not for bullying and discrimination. It is to build trust and helps to make society worthwhile to live in.

Individuals must be mature and realize that accountability is inclined to them, and the responsibility is upon them to develop healthy social behaviors.

Such persons must also be willing to actively seek out ways to assist in preserving the beauty and balance of nature and the community.

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Be sure to leave comments, questions or any concerns you may have regarding wellness and living a natural healthy lifestyle below, I will certainly keep you engaged with my timely response. Let us contribute to our community by communication.


Grace, peace and blessings evermore!






THE DOCTRINE OF THE HOLY GHOST:- Moving you to spiritual health


He has been working from the beginning of time

The Holy Ghost has always been in existence and his ministry throughout the Old and New Testament era is evident. He is God himself in action because God is not just ‘Spirit’ in his essence of divine being, but a ‘Holy Spirit’. In the Old Testament he is often referred to inter-changeably as, ‘The Spirit of God’ or the ‘Spirit of The Lord’ (Gen.1:2), “And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters”.

(Judges 3:10) “And the Spirit of The Lord came upon him, and he judged Israel, and went out to war”. The ‘Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost’ can be used inter-changeably in the doctrine of the Holy Ghost when dealing with his actions in the New Testament times which we are still living in today. (Acts 5:3) “Then Peter said, “Ananias, why hath Satan filled thine heart to lie to the Holy Ghost? Thou hast not lied unto men, but unto God”.


The Holy Ghost should never be referred to as an ‘It’.

He must never be considered as just a blessing, a feeling, an energy or an influence. The Holy Ghost is a person, he is God in Spirit form, the essence of his being in action or Jesus’ other self in expanded form, who is alive and real. In view of the properties of his personality such as intelligence, mind, will, emotions, reason, individuality and self-consciousness you can offend the Holy Ghost.

Don’t do it!!

His general operation is to originate, maintain, strengthen and guide all life organic, intellectual, spiritual and natural. He does this in different ways and in harmony with the object concerned in every area of life. He is the supreme life and every other living organism whether microscopic or mega-scopic originates from him.

The redemptive work of the Holy Ghost involves his regeneration of new life, sanctifying it, guiding it and bringing that new life into maturity of godliness and development until it’s purpose and destiny is realized. This renewal enables man to give spiritual obedience to God and to be the salt of the Earth, leading others to Christ as the light of the world.


He searches all things, even the deep things of God.

He convicts, heals, reveals and searches all things, yea, even the deep things of God and make manifest of his glory (1st Corinth. 2:10-16). He intercedes for the believers, he is a helper ‘Parakletosanother name for him in Greek terminology, it means to walk alongside. He teaches (1st Corinth. 2:13), the writers of the New Testament were moved by the Spirit to remember and understand the instructions Jesus gave for the building and organization of the Church.

He also enabled them to understand the doctrines regarding himself, the directives for holy living and the revelation of things to come. Some contents of his works are as follows:-

  • He comforts
    He brings renewal
  • He offers hope an assurance
  • He restores
  • He cleanses, sanctifies and justifies
  • He restrains evil
  • He brings all things to your memory (John 14:26).

He discerns, leads, guides and is an avenger of the righteous. He is the source of revelation (John 16:13-15) “But when He, the ‘Spirit of Truth’ comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on his own initiative, but whatever He hears He will speak; and he will disclose to you what is to come.

David said in Psalm 23:3, “He restoreth my soul”.


Given to him in respect of the functions or aspects of his ministry.

Some personal titles bestowed upon him are, ‘Wonderful’, ‘Counselor’, ‘Mighty God‘ (Isaiah. 11:2). Other descriptions of the various aspects of his ministry can be noted as follows :-

  • He is a deposit/foretaste of glory divine, the seal of the ‘Spirit of Promise’, the earnest of the Spirit :- (2 Corinth.1:22; 5:5) The Holy Spirit is God’s seal upon his people, his claim upon his believers as his very own. The gift of the Spirit is a down payment on the believer’s heavenly inheritance which Christ has promised them and secured for them on the cross. It is because the Spirit has sealed us why we are assured of our salvation. No one can break the seal of God.
  • The in dweller of believers :- The Holy Spirit resides in the heart of God’s people and that indwelling is the distinguishing characteristics of the regenerated person. From within the believers he guides, directs, comforts and influences them as well as producing in them the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23). He provides the intimate connection between God and his children.

    The Spirit of Life :- (Rom. 8:2) The phrase ‘Spirit of Life’ means the Holy Spirit is the one who gives or produces life. Not only does he initiate salvation but he also imparts newness of life. when we receive eternal life through Christ, the Spirit provides the spiritual food which is the sustenance of the spiritual life. Salvation is sustained by the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit therefore appears to be the agency through which God often worked. We understand that when we talk about ‘God’ we are referring to who he is. His essence of being, his nature, his characteristics as the creator of all life. when talking about the ‘Holy Spirit’ we are referring to this same God in active ministry. He is the only divine supreme being that embodies the complete essence of the nature of holiness.

Angelic creatures fly around his throne crying, “Holy! Holy! Holy! is the Lord, the whole Earth is full of his Glory”. It is by the moving or actions of his Spirit that he uses men to reveal his plan and his word (e.g. the prophets). The prophets were men inspired or motivated by the breath of the Spirit of God. They spoke his word fore telling and forth telling the course of action God is currently taking concerning the present and future condition of his people, while under his empowerment.



The prophets represent God to the people While the priests represent the people to God. When men spoke in the spirit, it simply means God super-imposed his trend of thought through them so that the words they spoke were clearly, ‘The word of the Lord’, they could not interject their own thoughts into it. In which case the word would not be pure, but contaminated.

CONCLUSION :- The empowering presence of the Holy Ghost.

By the grace of God, the empowering presence of the Holy Ghost comes in the believer’s life to endow that individual with power from on high. They are now able to fight the good fight of faith and to lay hold on eternal life. They now have the capacity to live a life that is led by the Spirit. In victory, power and success they can study the word of God and understand the doctrine of the Holy Ghost, which when they apply, they will experience the true power of having a healthy spiritual lifestyle.


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Grace and Peace!